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SIGNIS East Asia Conference 2015







是次研討會將於2015年11月28日(星期六)早上九時至下午六時假澳門聖若瑟大學(皇朝校區)演講廳舉行,地址: 倫敦街16號寰宇豪庭3樓。



在此下載報名表格,填妥後傳真至28322976或電郵至 signis@peacemacau.org即可。

Media Journalists’ profile

Leo Lam Kin Chung

Jeremy Wong Sheung Chi

Albert Cheung Yiu Chung

Alfred Lai Chun Wing

Hong Kong:

Leo Lam Kin Chung

Albert Cheung Yiu Chung

Jeremy Wong Sheung Chi

Alfred Lai Chun Wing

We are journalists and Editors of Catholic Post-secondary, a newly established online media with a catholic background. As a student major in journalism. We hope to serve the church and the community with the journalistic knowledge and skill. The experience of being members of the editorial team over the past year have been precious and thought provoking, in particular the umbrella revolution, which has given us to view our faith from a new perspective.

Sayaka Asano

Japan:  Sayaka ASANO

She is loved by her parents, pious Catholics, and grew up in the Catholic Church. Her parents taught her praying and volunteer spirits. During university years, she debuted as a Radio DJ in Tokyo. She has since then been a Radio DJ, Sports MC and has interviewed many musicians, actors, actresses, artists and athletes. She works at Katoraji, Catholic Youth Internet Radio, as an advisor for MC.

She was delegated to the Asian Youth Day Hong Kong and Manila. In 2006, she joined NGO and as a volunteer, went to Rwanda, Africa, to help the genocide victims there. Since 2005, she has been a coach of Special Olympics Nippon Kanagawa's Floor Hockey Team.

Francisco Kim Haksoon

Korea:  Francisco Kim Haksoon

My Christian name is Francis, I am a KBS producer, and have 29 years’ experience in making arts and cultural programs.

Now is SIGNIS members and vice president of KBS Catholic Alumni Association.

I am cur rent ly making a program called 'accompany'.


Ip Ka Kei, Benedict Keith ( 葉家祺)

Macau:  Ip Ka Kei, Benedict Keith

Associate Editor of O Clarim (Macau Catholic Weekly). Master in Religious Studies with a specialization in History and Adaptation of Christianity in China and Asia, University of Saint Joseph


Zelia Gomes da Costa Lai

Macau:  Zelia Gomes da Costa Lai

I am on my 4th year of Univ e r s i ty, m a j o r e d in Communications and Media.

I want to be inspired by meeting new people. I want to explore the world.


Albert WONG (王曉晞)

Macau:  Albert WONG (王曉晞)

Albert WONG (王曉晞) was academic assistant at the Macau Ricci Institute in 2009-July 2015. He graduated from the University of Macau, receiving a BA in English Studies (2004). He went to the United States in 2005 and received his MA in Sociology in 2007 at SUNY Binghamton. His major research interests are the politics and society of Macau. He is a regular contributor to Sonpou (訊報), and Macau Observer (澳門觀察報), two local weeklies.

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